October 19, 2021
Lately I've been looking at different questions that people ask on the internet regarding SEO, and noticed that the topic of career and professional development in SEO is quite drastically overlooked. Let's try to delve into this. 

What can you do in SEO?

SEO is such a diverse place to be right now that you can practically become almost anyone in digital marketing. Despite the fact that there is no clear career path, the opportunities are immeasurable and with the right approach and necessary knowledge you can set your future financial freedom in stone. Of course, you got to love what you do, no matter how cliche it sounds. Same thing for SEO. Love what you do, learn each day and use your knowledge in practice!

Now, I will share 5 destinations where SEO train can take you! 🚄

#1: Industry professional

Pretty straightforward. You go to the internet and search for positions like "page speed optimisation". "technical seo", etc. It can be either freelance or office job, full-time or part-time. Look around and find the one that suits you most. If you don't know which SEO specialisation to start from, check out our SEO beginner guide.

#2: Management position

Once you start feeling like you've become a well-rounded SEO expert, it is inevitable that you start delegating mundane tasks, like content writing and on-page optimisation or even link building. So, you will have a choice: either stay a professional SEO doing all the tasks yourself or start managing a team and become SEO lead or even head of the whole department for digital marketing - you never know which option you'll have. Certainly that implies more planning, strategic vision, budget constraints, shareholder or board meetings. If this sounds boring to you, you probably would be better off working as an individual expert or managing a small 1-5 team. 

#3: Analyst job

This is the opposite side to the previous job. There are a lot of SEOs who are passionate about what they are doing. It brings great joy seeing that the traffic increases, conversion rate skyrockets, page speed improves. Basically it's the essence of SEO work. 

Yet when there is a logical progression on the radar in terms of career that implies entering managerial level, this leads to resistance since there is much less time for technical tasks and more supervising and coordinating involved.

So what should you do?

There is always room for improvement, so you can truly start gaining different experiences. You can change your company, research a new niche and start working there, do client SEO individually. Or you can even start your own blog or website and earn through it, while also having the same responsibilities that you had prior to that.

The beauty of SEO is that it opens so many doors and leads to so many new opportunities within digital marketing that it is practically impossible to not find new exciting things to do! Which leads us to the next point.

#4: Other ways

Digital marketing and SEO are mutually non-exclusive terms. Both are and will be tied together. And as you all know digital marketing encompasses a wide range of disciplines. 

You may move to PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing since it uses quite a few of SEO tricks. Or start feeling the waters in Facebook Ads or Google Ads, while thinking of creative banners and ways to attract customers.

Content management is a whole subsection on its own which is a full-time job, believe it or not. Choosing the right keywords, optimising titles, images, editing them, making content unique and engaging with different media inclusions (images, videos, even voice messages!). While also not forgetting about internal linking and external links to relevant expert sources. A lot of work indeed!

This is only the main routes which you can take apart from traditional roles. But how about the "Big Brother" himself?

#5. Work for Search Engines

Yes, that's right. You should know the innards of the field you work in already, so why not try and land a job in Google or Bing? They do have positions for digital nomads like you which could be quite lucrative and interesting as well. You will be on the other side of the screen, optimising the products that other SEO professionals use daily for their work. Sounds exciting, if you ask me. At least it will be a good point in your resume.

SEO is unique as it is inclusive 

If you still didn't think of a job you might like in SEO, don't worry. There are so many possibilities that it would be too long of an article to list them all. Try selecting a niche that you like, work for some time, look around, set up your professional network and I promise that you will eventually find something you like!

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