How many times have you looked at high volume keywords and focused just on them? How many times have you skipped through all the rubbish that is at the bottom of the list with zero volume? Quite a lot I imagine. Well, Boston SEO team is ready to reveal a drop of secret sauce today! 

What are Zero Search Volume Keywords?

Basically as the name suggests these are keywords that show zero volume in Google Search Console. Yet if you look at them specifically they generate clicks. How? Well, Google, although high and mighty, is still not an omnipotent being like Thanos almost managed to be.  It has limitations. One of them is that their search volume is not 100% accurate and probably will never be. Google is a business first and foremost, so they need to prioritise what's important and what's less so. 

Tip: Don't always rely 100% on instruments, even on Google products. Always approach things with critical mind. Sometimes it pays off when you don't follow the trends and see outside the box.

How to find the right ZSV (Zero Search Volume) keywords?

  1. 1
    Look at how popular it is. A short competitor research, "noise" scan will help understand if this is something that people talk about or not. Same thing with start-ups: you want to be different from others but at the same time if there is no demand for that - no one will notice you. So do a small market research. If you see that Google autosuggests things for this keyword - that's a good sign, people look for it.
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    Related keywords or whole entities per say. There is a great service that we use called Ask Socrates (cool name and catchy as well), where you can find what people ask that is relevant to particular keyword. The more people ask - the more ZSV keywords you can find - the more traffic you can accumulate. 
  3. 3
    The keyword that you want to work with has to be simple. For example, you don't want to write about propulsion engine for transcontinental ballistic rockets (I made it up) because that will take too much time to learn about and come up with content. Instead, try looking for easy terms. They will save you time and money that you spend on content if any.


Don't disregard zero search volume, it can bring you TONS of traffic that converts well. The key is to target them in bulk and make sure that they are specific just enough but not too extremely. It's a fine balance but I would suggest starting with a single long tail keyword and adding extra terms to it. That way you can make a semantic structure and choose the most relevant niche words. 

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